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What people have to say:
LBB is a legitimate artifact. Feel free to use it if it suits your needs.
(Carl Gundel, author of Liberty BASIC)

Just want to say "thank you very much" for this program that makes a LB4 user's life easier.
(R.L., Switzerland)

It worked first time and is blisteringly fast compared with the LB version. Congratulations on a great piece of freeware.
(M.B., Cheshire)

I was amazed at how fast and comparable it was with Liberty BASIC.
(M.M., Connecticut)

Just had to say a massive thank you for LB Booster. A truly great piece of kit that I have been looking for, for about 8 years!

I have tested your LB Booster and I am quite impressed with it. Excellent work.
(O.A., Turkey)

I am a Liberty BASIC user and finally I found your great program! A Liberty BASIC Compiler and Freeware! It's really awesome!
(P.S., Argentina)

I'm highly impressed with LBB. It runs a lot of my programs better than LB, to be honest.

LB Booster + LB Workshop = better, easier, and more versatile IDE + faster, smaller, and more powerful applications... and it's free!
(C.U., Texas)

LB Booster is a powerful utility for Liberty BASIC and Just BASIC programmers. With LBB you can:

  • Speed up a Liberty BASIC program by up to ten times.
  • Compile a Liberty BASIC program to a compact, standalone executable.
  • Overcome many of Liberty BASIC's bugs and limitations.

You can find out more about the benefits of LBB here.

LBB is freeware: you can download it from here (the file is digitally signed to give you confidence that it is perfectly safe to run):

Download LBB.exe (521 Kb);  optional run-time engine LBBRUN.exe (161 Kb)

Create a suitable directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\LBB\) and save the LBB.exe file there. You will need administrative privileges to save the file and when you execute it for the first time (in Windows™ Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10/11 with UAC enabled use 'Run as administrator'); however it can be run from a normal user account thereafter.

You can read the full Help manual here.

Version details:

VersionDateModification details
LBB v3.2120-Nov-2023 New PrinterColor$ keyword; updated links to forum & wiki; minor bug fixes.
LBB v3.1002-Dec-2017 Alt+down shortcut for sub/function/label list, unsaved programs run in current directory.
LBB v3.0904-Sep-2017 REFRESH updates WindowWidth/Height, MAINWIN in console apps, CHAR[_winconst].
LBB v3.0803-Jun-2017 FILES, LOCATE, MENU & POPUPMENU enhanced, DISCARD ignored, bugs fixed.
LBB v3.0702-Dec-2016 CURSOR takes a Windows constant, 'include needn't start in 1st column, a few bugs fixed.
LBB v3.0603-Sep-2016 Progress dlg reports include files, STYLEBITS can use handlevar, debug print suppressed.
LBB v3.0501-Jun-2016 FILEDIALOG reverted to v3.00, new %options directive, no need to copy lb45func.bas.
LBB v3.0413-Mar-2016 Fixed backgroundxy bug, new PrinterMargin$ variable, IDE lists labels etc. in combobox.
LBB v3.0319-Sep-2015 Fixed INPUT$(#f,n) bug & !FONT leak, CLS & LOCATE scroll mainwin, Auto Indenting.
LBB v3.0120-Aug-2015 New INPUTCSV statement, improved compatibility with Wine, configurable memory usage.
LBB v3.0001-Mar-2015 Object Oriented Programming, Structured Exception Handling, syntax coloring & lots more.
LBB v2.8001-Dec-2014 'Jump to', 'Go back' in IDE; LB 4.5 commands; improved LB 4.04 compatibility.
LBB v2.7003-Sep-2014 Arrays of structures, second joystick, BMPBUTTON improvement, bugs fixed and more.
LBB v2.6006-Jun-2014 Memory raised to 500Mb, assignment to sub-string, enhanced FONT command and more.
LBB v2.5004-Mar-2014 A Debugger and Profiler added, 3D arrays supported, improved error reporting, and more.
LBB v2.3003-Dec-2013 Faster compilation, embed temporary files, '%mode' directive, ComboboxColor$ and more.
LBB v2.2011-Oct-2013 Console Applications, Version$ extended, improved compatibility with LBW and more.
LBB v2.1006-Sep-2013 Embedded resource files, Find/Replace in TEXTEDITOR, LISTBOX hscroll and more.
LBB v2.0015-Jun-2013 Huge strings, increased integer and floating-point ranges, 'include' directive, and more.
LBB v1.8713-Mar-2013 Executable's VERSIONINFO can be edited, CALLDLL can return a DOUBLE, and more.
LBB v1.8601-Dec-2012 Several performance and compatibility improvements, including speed increases.
LBB v1.8505-Sep-2012 Several new features and compatibility improvements, including a -C command-line switch.
LBB v1.8407-Jun-2012 Several compatibility improvements, including DATE$(), INPUT# and trapclose.
LBB v1.8024-Feb-2012 Partial support for Unicode, Recent Files list, several Sprite improvements.
LBB v1.7029-Jan-2012 New command-line options, new DATE$ formats, several other minor improvements.
LBB v1.6014-Jan-2012 LPRINT margins restored, LOCATE works with anchors, new PAGESETUPDIALOG.
LBB v1.5006-Jan-2012 DATA is local to functions, ON ERROR unwinds stack, array names can contain dots.
LBB v1.4017-Dec-2011 Line number reported in error messages; several compatibility and stability improvements.
LBB v1.3019-Nov-2011 Accepts command-line filename, MKDIR() and RMDIR() added, pie/piefilled corrected.
LBB v1.2012-Nov-2011 Icon can be changed, LOC(#h) added, ! used as BBC BASIC escape, a few bugs fixed.
LBB v1.1005-Nov-2011 INP and OUT supported, editor Find & Replace implemented, a few bugs fixed.
LBB v1.0022-Oct-2011 Initial public release.


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